My perspective

The 21st century where everything and everyone is some how involved with the latest technology. We are eager to have the next iPhone or the most liked picture on social media. By the necessity of having the latest technology and the trendiest posts of social media we have become a generation where technology has become a source of our daily lives. Saying this I sounds like I’m referring myself as pro technology. Honestly, I need to my phone by my side, not just my social media, to communicate, inform and entertainment. My phone is my source and is part of my routine. When I wake up, the first thing I see is my phone whether is news, a text or just to shut down my alarm. Before I get dressed, I go to Spotify to play some music on my phone for the reason being to fully awake myself. Being dressed, I head downstairs and run towards the car still listening to Spotify.

If you hear a the soundtrack of hairspray and some yelling on your way to the University. That’s me singing so don’t worry nobody is dying. Anyway when I arrive I must be late for my first class because I usually am. Before class I take a quick look on Instagram seeing the latest stories and posts. Of course I put my phone away in class. After class, if I have free time I’ll take out my phone once again to watch some quick recipes on the Tasty page on Instagram. Also I don’t like to waste time so I start my homework until my next class. Being the music freak, meanwhile I wait I put on my headphones and listen to even more music. I’ll listen to music till I realize I’m late for my next class.

After taking all my clases, and head home. When arriving I immediately jump to the couch and put Netflix so I’ll have some time to myself. Time by myself meaning staying late and not getting any sleep at all. Then the day ends and the next one begins with me complaining on why I couldn’t sleep the night before.

I’ve heard the phrases: “what if you lose your phone?” or “girl you don’t socialize, your whole life is in that phone.” I’m supposed to listen and feel ashamed for using my phone being part of my life. But I think the phone is part of this generation. It’s a whole new way to communicate and be apart of society. It might create a new sense of unity and comfort. I personally feel uncomfortable when I don’t have a phone. It’s part of me, it’s my source


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