This is all my favorite feeds from my personal section.


W Magazine, it’s a magazine that talks about fashion, culture, videos and much more. Basically they talk about different topics especially ocurring in the fashion world. It’s one of my favorites magazines ever!

UO Blog, were it shows a certain style, music, lifestly, travel, art and food. Especifically an aesthetic lifestyle. I go here to see, ideas on decor for small apartments. I love how simple but grand it looks.

Youtube, everyone knows about it. Were you watch videos almost about every topic. I go here to watch entertainment, gossip and beauty videos. Also sometimes i use it to study when i don’t understand a topic.

Fashion Magazine, where they talk everything about fashion. I’m not really into fashion but i usually go here to see all the Met Gala outfits or fashion week. It’s an informational cite it’s a startout but i like it.

I love everything about Urban Outfitters, just the vibe of it all. Their style it’s a mix of the 90’s and now. I love it all. Even though with it can get a little expensive but i love it. They have style, music, shoes, jewelry, mask and lot’s more.

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