My name is Nicolle Flores. I would like to present Nicky Eats. What is Nicky Eats? Well to begin I will admit that I am a food fanatic and at every party I’m usually the one by the snack table. Anywho, by saying that I would like to add that I’m also in for a new adventure. So I decided to combine both adventures and showing you good places to eat in the island of Puerto Rico. By the way I’m from there. Anywho, well at having this blod I decided to make it my mission that any place that I’ll show you in this blog you’ll there and say “wow.” 

The same WOW I said when I tried it. Mostly the places that I’m going to mention I recommend that you bring a friend or date but if you’re the kind the person who loves being alone. That’s awesome too. Also i recommend that you come with an empty stomach because if you’re from Puerto Rico you know that we admire quantity. To conclude i would like to say thank you and if your ever around give me a shout.